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Doctor's Orders (DEN)

Doctor's Orders Photo.jpg

A fun, fast paced montage full of engaging characters both from this world and beyond. Like a well fitted catheter; great connections are made to allow their stories to flow freely. These doctors won't save any lives; but they'll make our journey towards the grave a hilarious one!


Production Date: Summer 2017

Manufacturer: ICC Theatre, Copenhagen, Denmark

Ingredients list: 49.9% Danish, 16.7% English, 16.7% Maltese, 16.7% Irish.


- 3 x a month as an Improv Comedy Copenhagen (ICC Theatre) house team.

- If symptoms of boredom and lack of laughter in your life continue; you can also find Doctor's Orders at various European Improv Festivals during past, present & future years. This includes SWIMP 2020!

Doctor's Orders (DEN) perform Saturday 7th of March.

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