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What would an anaconda think of a polar bear if they ever met? What happens when a butterfly falls in love?

According to the ancient legends, we each have an animal spirit inside of us. What if these animal characters started showing through in our everyday lives and relationships? And what if animals had human problems? 

IMP improvises stories about people who are just a little bit animal under the surface - and animals who are more human than we, sometimes…


IMP is a trilingual improvisation troupe from Helsinki, Finland that loves experimenting with and developing different long-form styles. IMP aspires to help grow and develop the improv community in Helsinki e.g. by organizing workshops and events, but is also enthusiastically connecting with improvisers worldwide. IMP was founded in 2005 under the Swedish-speaking Student Theatre in Helsinki and has performed at festivals both in Finland and abroad.

IMP (FIN) perform Thursday 5th of March.

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