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Pat&Misch (USA)

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Breakup: The Musical

They say laughter is the best medicine … and Breakup! The Musical has just what the doctor ordered. Musical improvisers Pat Parhiala and Misch Whitaker interview an audience member about a past relationship and then use the power of comedy to turn past hurts into new laughs.... in a fully improvised musical. It’s funny, it’s cathartic… it's Breakup! The Musical. 


You'll laugh! You'll cry! You'll find love! You'll lose love! Will you find redemption? Yes, in song form!

Pat Parhiala and Misch Whitaker have been performing musical improv with each other in Boston for four years, and are both featured in the cast of the Catalyst Comedy show "Dirty Disney". Misch is also the director of Boston's Unscripted Musical Project, another Catalyst Comedy production.

Pat&Misch perform Thursday 5th of March.

Pat & Misch also do Improvised musical for kids >> and a workshop for kids >>

In collaboration with Bibliotek Uppsala.

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