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Impromptu, a trio of seasoned performers from Florida, specialize in unscripted theatre set in the 1940s-50s (complete with costumes). Their specialty is what they call Southern Gothic, an interpretation of the great playwrights of the post-war era (Tennessee Williams, William Inge, Arthur Miller). An exciting mix of passion, humor and pathos, the show typically explores issues that are as relevant today as when they were lived (feminism, male authority, hope for a better world, and more). Their conversational ease and deeply personal stories often leave audiences asking, "What play did that scene come from?"

Your Flaws: The Musical (UK)

In an attempt to get right to the emotional heart of what makes musicals so magical, the very flawed people of "Your Flaws: The Musical" take an audience member's perceived self weakness, something they'd wish to remove or better understand about themselves, and lift the room together on a spontaneous rollercoaster of songs, scenes and storytelling. Your Flaws: The Musical turns concerns into comedy catharsis through the greatest medium ever created: Musical motherloving Theatre.

Self-described shortcomings inspire a brand new musical every show from the co-creator of five star, multiple Fringe sell-out hit CSI: Crime Scene Improvisation, a classically trained opera soprano and a jazz piano savant.

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Chaordic Space:What happens when chaos and order meet each other? 

In this thematic fast-paced and energetic improv performance we go from confusion, random and chaos to understanding, connection and order. This is a joyful, variated and surprising show with a lot of group mind and energy.


Blink consists of five different and unique improvisers with acting background. We believe in the force of supporting, lifting and helping each other on and off stage. Together with the audience we create darting and unforgettable shows with a lot of emotions and memories.

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The Yellow Line: 
The Yellow Line starts with the players drawing a yellow line on the floor. Behind the line the actors are "private" and in front they are acting! Then the actors stands behind the line and observe the audience and every thing that is going on in the room - waiting for an impulse to start a scene. Sometimes it takes serveral minutes! The impuls can be anything as long as it comes from the room: a private conversation, a sound, a caractor in the audience, a laugh, the bar personel - any thing except normal verbal sugestions!

The group was founded in 1987.

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