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Cinemascope Nights is a show that brings together the endearing melancholy of cinema and the best of genre improvisation. A radio program in which two cinema-lovers will immerse us in a journey to the decline of a film director that is forgotten, reviled and cursed as it is fictitious.

The WIT (Who Improvises Tonight) theater company began its journey in 2012 with three lines of business: Shows, theatrical improvisation school and training for companies and individuals using applied improvisation techniques. Based in Madrid, we have performed in many well-known theaters of the capital and the country with our own formats (Los Gilipollas, Newsflash, Noches de Cinemascope and Carrusel) as well as participated together with other companies in Spain weekly.

WePolak_YT grafika 2021 PROMO_Jeff.png
WePolak (US/PL)

An artful montage of playful, wise exploration of relationships sparkled with existential philosophy, performed with creative intimacy characteristic of improv masters. An additional, unique element of the WePolak initiative is a demonstration of the inclusive power of improv as it effectively applies across the language and cultural differences.

It took a pandemic to bring Warsaw born Polak Monika Ozdarska and Chicago born Polak Jeff Michalski into the same virtual room. Monika interviewed Jeff for her podcast The Art of Yes and Inspired by each others stories they decided to create WePolak.

Mighty Improv.jpeg

Join The Mighty Improv in exploring original life situations emerging on-the-spot. Meet our eccentric characters and fall in love with their aspirations, philosophies and quirks. The stage will sparkle with spontaneous friendships, complex relationships and true happiness. The Mighty Improv presents a real feel-good show, the perfect natural remedy to recover from a pandemic.


Talk Radio: Don’t touch that dial, it’s time to tune into *Talk Radio*! Inspired by a vast library of tunes that have never existed before (and will never be heard again), DJs Bird and Tax Collector will find just the right songs for you, their live studio audience. And just like any good Talk Radio show, this highly interactive musical show is built on a foundation of stories, characters, interviews, and good ole fashioned love of music.

Tom Tollenaere improvises on the piano and Jayda Fogel improvises through song, and together they act as DJs that take their audience on a constantly evolving journey based on the emotions and sentiments of these audience interactions.

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