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Improbotics (SWE)


Improbotics is a live improvised Turing Test: what this means is that there is literally an artificial intelligence-based chatbot that is taking part in the show. That AI tries to pass as human, in front of an audience of human judges. The AI chatbot generates lines, which are sent to one of the improvisers. The aim of our show, Improbotics, is to explore how improvisers can seamlessly perform when a machine (an AI-based chatbot) feeds them lines via headphones, and when they need to justify physically and emotionally lines that may not make sense at all.


Improbotics consists of 4 teams in 4 different countries (Canada, UK, Sweden and Belgium). They often travel to perform together in their different countries or at international festivals.


Improbotics (SWE) perform Friday 6th of March.

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