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From Arlanda Airport to Uppsala Centralstation:

Arlanda Airport is the closest airport to Uppsala. The cheapest and easiest way is to take bus 801 from Arlanda terminal 5 to Uppsala Centralstation. It takes 45 minutes and you can pay by card on the bus. Search for timetable for bus 801 here.


You can also take the train from Arlanda C to Uppsala Centralstation. It´s quicker - but more expensive than the bus. Timetables here.


From Uppsala Centralstation to Reginateatern:

It's only a 10min walk to the theatre, along the way you get to see some of the beauty of Uppsala.


If you want to take the bus, search at UL:s website for the best option. Closest bus stop is Trädgårdsgatan.

From Stockholm Centralstation to Uppsala Centralstation:

From Stockholm you can either take the SJ Regionaltåg (about 40 min) timetables for the trains are found here,

or the Pendeltåg (commuter train, about 60min), timetables for those are found here.


Address to Reginateatern (Regina Theatre):


Trädgårdsgatan 6, 753 09

Uppsala, Sweden


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