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Hall and the Bang (SWE/AUS)

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Downloading Love™ is easy. There is an app, an algorithm that enables any relationship; lust, sex and love are not bound by money, time or place.

There are no more random meetings, no chance encounters, yet you can have any Love™ you like. Just a tap and a swipe at the tip of your digits mean you need never be alone - once you've found your #perfectmatch2k30. Sounds like the perfect dance of two violins in a perfect world. 

But what happens if there's discordance in the formula? When is perfect not perfect enough? Can you patch the glitch?

#perfectmatch2k30 explores the spaces between binary relations and the future of love - in a world where perfection is possible, what would it take for you to upgrade Love™?

Victoria and Glenn first met in Germany 2014. An actor from Perth, Australia. An actor from Göteborg, Sweden. Endless days. Never-ending nights. Kangaroos. Reindeer. Vegemite. Ikea. A long-distance collaboration. 13,780 kilometres to be precise. For Hall and the Bang, it’s this surprise that inspires their Playful Chaos. Trepidation mixed with Trust. Victoria and Glenn surprises not only their audience, but themselves. They dig into the humorous and uncomfortable truth of human relationships.

Hall and the Bang (SWE/AUS) perform Thursday 5th of March.

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