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This show, Meaningless, is completely meaningless, and that's a good thing! Aren't you tired of trying to get something out of every experience, some insight that will help you navigate your super important life? We promise that we will give you none of that! There will be no deeper meanings, no morals, and NO contemplation. Here you can relax and enjoy some simple laughs and pointless chuckles. If you need to justify to someone what you're doing with your precious time, you can call it... a joyful exploration of the ephemeral nature of life. That will shut them up.

The Splash have made waves in Stockholm with their quick-witted, no holds barred comedic play style, shaped by years of braving the seas of Irish pub audiences. Individually they are nothing, but as a group they are a youthful wellspring of infinite nonsense.


Do you have a love-hate relationship with films like Bridget Jones’s Diary, Love Actually and Notting Hill? Then look no further! Half the Group brings you “How to Fall in Love - A Completely Improvised Romantic Comedy”

What’s it about? We don’t know. Yet. Based on a suggestion from the audience we’re going to create a never seen before, and never repeated again, romantic comedy. Crushed dreams, crazy ex-partners or last minute airport chases? Come and find out!


Knitting: two improvisers and one thread. The thread can connect, it can brake, or it can become an object... In this show the improvisers are exploring their presence and their connection via a literal thread in a shape of a rope. They use the thread to play with and to manifest their connection. The unseen bond between the improvisers become visible thus giving us a new field of play and a source of inspiration. Knitting is a longform format that is constantly developing, changing and growing.

Our belief is that improvisational theater can offer much more than just funny or comedic content. The aim of our work is to achieve a theatrical play that encompaces the beauty of live improvisation and includes not only ourselves but also the audience.


Living. Dying. Dead. is a brand new show, looking at death, dying, and bereavement through the lens of improv. Taking real life experiences of bereavement, our actors weave stories that are both poignant and humorous.

A new troupe, made up of Rhiannon Jenkins, Owen Scrivens, Juwel Haque, Jeanette Clarke, Tamara Maasdam, and Simone Ellul. With over 80 years’ performance experience between them. Several of our performers work in the medical and death care industry, and all have their own unique relationship to death.

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