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Two Sisters (POL)

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Just one Thing

A performance to which the simple thing is an inspiration to create an unforgettable theatrical piece. The improvisers will tell us stories inspired by the one object. They will look at the world from its perspective. They will even play this object. They will be fully inspired by the suggestion and explore all the possibilities it gives. 

The performance is full of emotions, abstract moments, humor and beautiful stage images.


Two Sisters is an improvisational duo (consisting of Katarzyna Chmara and Alicja Dobrowolna) from Bydgoszcz/Poland. Their improv is based on emotions and passionate relationships. The characters they show on the stage are formed from  amusing character traits and all the elements they find interesting in people. Always here and now - in the moment!

Two Sisters (POL) perform Friday 6th of March.

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